Renewable Energy

From energy efficient technologies to large scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, we provide agricultural, industrial and municipal organisations with strategic renewable energy solutions.

Specialising in anaerobic digestion (AD) and energy from waste (EfW) projects, we can help all kinds of organisations to lower their carbon footprint, become self-sufficient in energy production and enable them to generate income from selling power back to the national grid.

Anaerobic digestion plants convert organic matter such as agri or food waste into heat and power. The by-product is a highly effective, nutrient rich fertiliser that can be used or sold as a valuable revenue stream.

Building on our partnerships with the best in combined heat and power (CHP) engine technology and organic material mixing and pumping equipment, we offer expert knowledge across all aspects of the system. We also provide the benefits of a local design and build team with regional technical support that can include plant operation and remote monitoring.

Our knowledge of grants, incentives and environmental responsibilities means we can also advise on funding, finance and the most appropriate solution for every customer.

Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

"WIS Group has constructed numerous Anaerobic Digestion projects across the UK and Ireland, as part of its Framework Agreement with Foresight Group. WIS Group also has on-going maintenance and technical services agreements for these plants. Foresight’s relationship with WIS has helped build a substantial portfolio of high-performing, reliable AD assets that are delivering the expected returns to Foresight Funds, and we continue to work with WIS on new opportunities."

Foresight Group

Anaerobic Digestion Farm scale CHP plants from 100kW to 1MW
Scalable industrial plants to 10MW Designed for multiple feedstocks
Energy from Waste (EfW) Plants for processing of solid waste to produce energy
Landfill Gas Capture, treatment & processing of landfill gas to produce electricity & heat
Biogas Upgrading Biogas to grid projects
Biogas to vehicle fuel
Virtual biogas pipelines

Our Project Portfolio Includes:

  • Farm scale AD plants
  • Industrial AD plants
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Biogas Upgrading
  • Carbon Dioxide Recovery
  • Virtual Pipeline projects
  • Landfill Gas projects

'Our advanced systems allow processing of multiple feedstocks to provide the plant owner with great flexibility.'

Renewable Energy Projects

Greenville Energy Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Taylor AD Facility 150kW

GECO B9 – Anaerobic Digestion Plant