Taylor AD Facility 150kW

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Taylor AD Facility 150kW

Project Description

Small Farm Scale Anaerobic Digestion

This small digester plant was competitively tendered in June 2013 with contracts awarded in December 2013. Construction commenced early 2014 with the construction of a 19.4m dia 6m high precast concrete digester tank. The tank was supplied by Macrete concrete. The digestate store was supplied by the site owner. Plinths were constructed for the containerised CHP unit plus ancillaries (supplied by Edina), pumping container and control room, diet feeder and Vogelsang quickmix unit. Buried pipework from the pumping section to the newly constructed digester tank and existing cattle shed was installed as part of the contract. Hot water connections to a newly constructed hot water buffer tank (provided by others) were provided which will utilise the excess heat from the CHP unit to heat the 2 No poultry houses. The plant was commissioned during September and October with NIE export from site mid-October.
The plant will be fed on a mixture of cattle slurry, poultry litter and grass silage. The new digester facility will have an export capacity of 150kW and will be able to supply heat and electricity for use on farm with excess units being sold onto the grid.
The construction of the digester will also ensure a reduction in chemical fertiliser with reduced odours also during the spreading of digestate.
The digester tank is insulated and cladded to provide a stable environment for the process and allow maximum heat export to the poultry houses.

With ROC’s and Electricity sales the plant should have an annual revenue >£250k. The plant consists of a single digester tank with 2 No submersible propeller mixers (removable whilst keeping plant operational) vogelsang bio-cut to pump and condition incoming slurries and recirculate digestate from the digester to the quickmix unit for the addition of solids. The plant also has a permanent oil fired boiler for use as a back-up in the event the CHP is not available for a prolonged period of time. The provision of an emergency flare was also part of the contract to prevent discharges of unburnt methane to atmosphere.

The plant has full scada access and will be remotely monitored 24/7 will call out back-up from the CHP provider and technology supplier (WIS Group Ltd). These small farmscale plants are now allowed on farm as permitted development <500m2 area without the requirement for planning permission.

Taylor AD Facility 150kW

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