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AVX Ltd Kiln Upgrades

AVX Kiln Upgrades

Project Description

This project involved a full strip down of the advanced heating furnace on site and complete electrical rebuild to improve the level of control and automation of the kiln. The Kiln Furnace runs at 1200 degrees with a uniformity of +/-1 degree. Due to the high temperature and current being pulled we had to use transformers to change the incoming voltage from 415 VAC 3 phase to 160 VAC 3 phase. This was done to achieve low loading on the mains incomer and still achieve large currents on the outgoing to the heating elements.

Advanced Eurotherm temperature controllers (E-Pack) were utilised as each heating zone in this project had to be continuously monitored very carefully. Due to the nature of the product being cured and uniformity specification being very strict, we monitor the voltage and current of each element while controlling the current rather than voltage in this particular case. The controls adjust the element voltage to suit the desired current for precision temperature control. Once a voltage threshold is achieved, the system indicates that an element should be replaced, thus conserving energy and ultimately saving AVX time and money.

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AVX Ltd Kiln Upgrades

  • Client: AVX Ltd
  • Completion Date: 2016
  • Total Contract Value: Undisclosed