In manufacturing, everyone knows that time is money. That’s why we’ve designed our VERIVAC™ Vacuum Drop-Test Machines to give our customers real confidence when it comes to de-risking the expensive consequences of vacuum or thermocouple failures during processing.

Optimum pre-process-check

This range of test equipment can help identify problems with
tool vacuum integrity BEFORE the tool enters the autoclave, reducing cycle failures and ensuring the use of each autoclave asset is maximised.

Our Verivac™ systems are scalable from single point hand-held portable systems to multipoint trolley based systems,
right through to large scale fixed systems.

If pressure loss is your concern, we can also cater for pressure-drop testing. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Thermocouple Testing

During cure cycles within autoclaves, thermocouple failure can be as much of a problem as vacuum failure. The Verivac™ systems can be configured with a thermocouple test option which can check each thermocouple against the ambient temperature to highlight any that fall outside specification.

Number of connection points

The number of vacuum or pressure connection ports is scalable to meet the needs of your processes. The hand-held system normally has a single port, the trolley system can have up to 16 ports and the fixed system up to 128 ports.

Vacuum Type

The trolley and fixed systems can include an integrated vacuum pump system. This can be useful when a factory vacuum system is unavailable.

Maintenance Pack

To ensure that your operators and maintenance team are familiar with the Verivac™ equipment, we offer a comprehensive maintenance pack which includes:

  • Two days training at WIS facility during pre-shipment commissioning for up to five delegates (excludes travel and accommodation)
  • One fully configured maintenance laptop with pre-loaded diagnostics software

A range of equipment from single port hand-held units to modular multi-port systems to verify the integrity of vacuum and thermocouples on bagged parts before autoclaving.

Data Recording

With the Data Recording option the data logging is performed by a graphic recorder and records can be accessed via the recorder touchscreen, exported or downloaded to USB.

This can be particularly useful on large systems were analysis of the vacuum and thermocouple data can help identify patterns in process failure which in turn allows preventative measures to be put in place.

System Type

From small R&D tooling right up to large autoclave loads there is a Verivac™ system to suit your application. The systems come in 3 varieties:

  1. Portable hand-held (briefcase style)
  2. Trolley Mounted
  3. Fixed Systems