Hexbond™ Quality engineered reticulators

We appreciate that in highly regulated industries nothing can be left to chance. To this end all of our Hexbond™ Reticulators incorporate the best in control technology.

To ensure even airflow through the heating elements, the fans are speed controlled using invertors and differential pressure sensors. As well as providing an even air flow at the air knife, this also assists with providing excellent temperature uniformity at the point where the adhesive needs to liquify.

As the temperature is key to good reticulation each Reticulator has multiple temperature control zones. Each zone has two temperature probes, one in the air box and one at the air knife edge which feed back into our specially designed software control algorithm. This provides a tolerance of +/-5 DegC.

The pre-heating lamps are infra red to improve efficiency and control. They are constantly adjusted via thyristor stacks controlled by a PID algorithm and temperature probe to guarantee consistency.

The motion of the machine is also tightly controlled via servo motors with encoder feedback to ensure the speed and position of the reticulation process are as accurate as possible.

All these elements combine to provide a world class reticulation process.

TUS Pack

To aid Quality Engineers in Thermal Uniformity Surveying, we offer unique options to simplify and accelerate the process. The standard option is a specially manufactured thermocouple holder which mounts directly onto the machine. This ensures consistency in the location of TUS probes from test to test.

The advanced TUS option also includes a pre-programmed Eurotherm 6100 recorder in carry case. This recorder links to the Hexbond™ software, and with just one click from the Quality Engineer, adjusts the temperature set-points to conform with the TUS standards.

Over-Temperature Protection

To comply with NADCAP requirements an independent over-temperature protection option is available.

Machine Size

WIS Group can manufacture machines of various sizes to suit your application. This product guide contains some of the more common machine sizing. The machine footprint will be 0.5m, larger than the bed length and width.

Hood Adjustment

Two options are available, manual or automatic hood adjustment. Manual adjust suits applications where the temperature control on the pre-heater lamps will be sufficient to regulate the pre-heat temperature.

For applications where pre-heat is critical, a servo controlled hood is recommended. This system will automatically set the pre-heater lamps to the correct distance from the part at the start of the recipe control sequence.

Maintenance Pack

The first line of defence in avoiding downtime is the on-site maintenance team. That’s why we offer a comprehensive maintenance pack including:

  • One week of training at WIS facility during pre-shipment commissioning for up to five delegates (excludes travel and accommodation)
  • One fully configured maintenance laptop with pre-loaded diagnostics software

Standard and bespoke machines are available including robotic reticulation for curved geometries.

Control Panel Location

For convenience we normally locate all the advanced hardware in a bespoke master control panel located away from the moving parts of the machine. This reduces downtime and supports maintenance by allowing easy access to critical components. Our standard machines allow for the control panel to be located adjacent to the machine bed, however other options are available.

Operator Interface

The standard operator interface is a 12” colour touchscreen that supports configuration, storage and retrieval of recipes. The data logging is performed by a graphic recorder and records are accessed through the recorder touchscreen, exported or downloaded to USB.

A more advanced option is the Computer Controlled SCADA system and has the following advantages:

  • Unlimited recipes
  • Interface to corporate network allowing for remote report viewing
  • Barcode interface to allow part booking on machine
  • Interface with part tracking system to automatically book jobs off when complete
  • Interface with data records to allow viewing without USB download