At WIS Group we understand that the quality of each manufactured part is dependent on the quality of the machine in which it is formed. This is why we put the highest level of monitoring and control into our machines to produce parts of exceptional quality.

Tool Control

To help the with temperature uniformity of complex parts a tool control option is available. This specially designed software algorithm takes into account TUS information and will monitor tool thermocouples to automatically adjust machine set-points.

Pneumatic Diaphragm

For machines with fixed tables or that require operators to work on the part in the working area of the Hot Drape Former, a Pneumatic Diaphragm option is available. This system raises the diaphragm up to the lower face of the hood and locks it in place allowing additional head room for operator access.

Tables and Trollies

The Accuform can be supplied with or without a fixed table or a removable trolley to suit the application.

Machine Size

WIS Group can manufacture a machine of any size within the structural limitations of 30 metres long by 4 metres wide. This product guide specifies some of the most common sizes, but if you have specific requirements on size, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Heater Adjustment

To help reduce cycle time, a recipe controlled heater angle positioning system is available. This system controls the angle of the heaters via positional motors to direct the heat to give the best possible ramp up temperature rate and heat penetration into the part.

Forced Cooling

To help further reduce cycle time a forced cooling system is available. This system directs cool air into the preforming working zone at the end of the cycle. This greatly reduces the cool down time required between machine cycles.

Various options are available to cater for different part sizes and geometries and to reduce cycle times to increase throughput.

Control Panel Location

Unlike another manufacturers WIS Group locate all the advanced hardware in a bespoke master control panel located away from the moving parts of the machine. This can reduce downtime and assist with maintenance by allowing ease of access to critical components. Our standard machines allow for the control panel to be located adjacent to the machine bed however other options are available.

Operator Interface

The standard operator interface is by means of a 12” colour touchscreen. This system allows for the configuration, storage and retrieval of recipes. The data logging is preformed by a graphic recorder and records can be accessed via the recorder touchscreen, exported or downloaded to USB. A more advanced option available is the Computer Controlled SCADA system which can offer the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Recipes
  • Interface to corporate network allowing for remote report viewing
  • Barcode interface to allow part booking on machine
  • Interface with part tracking system to automatically book jobs off when complete
  • Interface with data records to allow viewing without USB download